You, Me, and the Wildflowers

By Ellen Scherer

it’s you and me 
dancing in a bar of crumbling wildflowers 
preserving the meaning and making up rhymes 
daring the world to break while we soar overhead, 

These were the memories designed by our dreams
and our place was the constant refrain

we ride high on a radio song 
twisting the sails of our secrets 
sharing the wind like twinned canaries 

This was the town where shelter is found 
while dandelions dance down our arms. 

we’re frozen in real time
tending magnolia and grass as they grow 
by the freeway that runs through the garden in our yard. 

These were the memories we used to feel free. 
This was the town we used to belong to.

But everything changes and changes again... 
except you and me. 

We are wildflowers.
We’ll sprout just fine out of the concrete.

Ellen Scherer is a writer, director, and co-founder of Green Buffalo Productions (GBP), based in Buffalo, NY. Recent publications include I’ve Got Nothing, and Vulnerably Confident (Too Well Away), A Year of Fruit (Spirited Muse Press), I’ll Drink to That (The Literatus), and RCVI: Gun Violence (Rosen Publishing). Other writing credits include 2020 Was My Year (A Moment of Your Time), When the Party’s Over (Cone Man Running), I Was Here (Equity Library Theatre, Open Space Arts, Inclusive Theatre of WNY), I’ve Got Your Back (GBP), Scary Monsters (GBP, Inclusive Theatre of WNY) Ellen has directed and produced several pieces for GBP over the past 3 years and has recently added to her bag of tricks as a film editor for the company’s Spooky Film Festival. Twitter: ellen_gbp IG: green_bflo

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