Windows in Heaven

By Cathy Conway

I saw a pretty little Robin
Sitting in a tree
And as I stood there watching
I saw her wink at me!

I said, “What are you doing?
Little Bird, why are you here?”
As she kept on staring,
Everything became so clear

She came a little closer
And opened her mouth up wide
What happened next, I tell you,
Really made me cry

As she kept on staring
She began to sing.
It was a song familiar to me
From before this terrible thing.

She sang a song, and I knew
That it was just for me.
Just give me a reason
I felt peace wash over me.

When the song was over
There was magic in the air.
I didn’t know why I was so lucky,
But in that moment, I just didn’t care.

I looked at her so earnestly
And said, “why’d you have to go?
There’s so many people left behind
Who still feel they need you so.”

The conversation that followed
Is something I won’t forget.
She said she lived a full life
One without regret

“I lived my life to the fullest
And tried so many things
I had a beautiful life
And now I’ve earned my wings.

I know that you all miss me so
Just as I miss you
But now I watch over you all
And I have so much to do!

Please tell everyone
That I really am alright
There’s such beauty in this world
Flying from this height

I love you all so much
But I truly am ok
It wasn’t my choice to go
But I’ll see you again someday.

When you hear a beautiful song,
Or a whisper in the wind,
Look around, it’s probably me
Checking up on you again.”

She had one last message
And this one was all mine,
“There’s lots of windows in heaven,
And I use them all the time.”

I felt a few tears escape
As I watched her fly away
But I felt such peace inside my heart
Knowing I’ll see her again someday.

Cathy Conway has many titles: wife, mom, sister, and friend among others, but her most treasured title is Mimi to Gwen and Gabriel. She was a longtime nurse until she was sidelined by multiple sclerosis. She returned to college and got an associate’s degree in computer science and is close to a bachelor’s degree in software development. Cathy is happiest when surrounded by her close family and friends, especially when camping. She loves to cook as well. She wrote a lot in her younger years, but not for publication. She submitted this piece as a show of support for the editor, who was her daughter’s childhood best friend after they met in kindergarten.

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