What Can the Little Lassie Do?

By Peniel Gifted

She’s like a mini mouse,
Pining for mother’s fur—
Spindly, a traveling light.

In cottage of sickly ceilings
Breathing in through the hours scribbled
Images, muttering deep words her
Mushy father could only just descry.

Hampered in ennui cages,
Tell me—what can the little Lassie do,
With her might so slight?

Peniel Gifted is a young Nigerian poet and writer. She has great enthusiasm for reading, writing and learning. She’s also an adroit lover of nature and God’s word. Her works have appeared in Oke Iroegbu’s Diary of Hope and Nostalgia, Cultural Weekly Magazine, Lion and Lilac Magazine, Otherwise Engaged Journal, Written Tales and elsewhere. She’s @giftedpeniel on Twitter.

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