By Deeksha Raina

Just a casual hello,
dallying around in grapevines,
small talk and carefree banter
early exit, a distant goodbye.
Habituated, in routine now
conversing on first names
playfully pondering the world
laughing along on the sidewalk
dispassionate exit, yet a hopeful note,
for tomorrow is another day.

Mornings begin with your voice,
remembering you,
nights resonate with your tones
under the halo of shared dreams
at times missing you too,
my lip balm doesn't taste like yours anymore,
my arms lay lost by my side,
my body itches for your touch,
my mind seeks your intellect;
I crave your comfort. 

It might be, it might not
I leave that to destiny.

Until then,
we weave
our stories of love
amidst the pandemic,
we continue to hope.

A software engineer and a passionate writer, Deeksha began writing at the age of 15 and since then has published a novel titled It Was Love and numerous poems/short stories as part of anthologies of diverse genres. She has been in on various open mics and national level poetry competitions and has been invited for book reading events. Recently, she compiled an anthology titled CHASING HOPE! under Rosewood Publication. It’s available on Amazon and Flipkart.

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