Traffic Controller

By Stefani Boutelier

The remote clicks her on
She is channeled into ownership
By a John, hidden behind the screen
I watch and realize it's me
A periphery, a ghost of myself
The keyboard clicks away her 
Stats, her age is hidden in the ad
Darkweb controls her evening plans
They celebrated my sweet sixteen
We are family, a relationship with an object
The joystick controls her moves, a 
Manipulative click of the tongue with 
Reminders: hide her from others, exploit her for some
I cower, confused why the media I watch
Hides from me and doesn’t discover me
The lights click on, her body exposed, worn
Before adulthood, she lost track of her age
Her soul is hidden, trust is dissolved
I wait, internal struggle, my addiction sedates
Me from the realities of my presence 
          Who will stop this traffic controller?

Stefani Boutelier is a teacher educator. She writes to challenge herself and question the world around her. She has academic and creative publications in multiple genres.

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