Threading a Needle

By M.A. Ramachandran

So much goodness in me
was lost forever
in my awkwardness
of threading a needle
as I was growing up.
In those rainy days long gone
when the hills were in fog
and I was delirious in love
I never knew the art of it.
Facing, linings, hems and seams
of love in my dream was gone,
leaving no trace behind.
If somebody in my absence
fixed a broken button
of that blue cotton shirt
of mine I ever loved --
it was the love I ever dreamed.
Placing the thread between teeth
and sweeping it through the needle
was the first lesson I ever missed.
The torn jeans and faded shirts
in my room after the long journey.
Though it is too late for everything,
nothing is ever late for anything.
I ought to stitch the torn ones
and sew their broken buttons.

M.A. Ramachandran is a poet currently based in Kozhikode. He writes under his pseudonym Tekisui RC as well. Ramachandran’s poems have appeared in various journals and anthologies. Apart from poetry he is interested in farming, travelling and in the works of master filmmakers. He finds a little money for living by occasional teaching.

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