The Vortex

By Mary Anne Anderson

“Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”
W.B. Yeats, "The Second Coming"

This house is shrinking,
the walls closing in,
sharp edges of uncertainty at every turn. 

Stifled air lingers at the door that will not open,
Windows cloudy from lack of interest, 
a scratch on the screen of our existence.

Lapses of time go unnoticed, unspent,
until the toast burns,
until the light of day dissolves. 

What can we do in these confines,
paces limited, shelves of memories gathering dust,
every corner an outpost,
everything turned inward, to the core,

to the center, which cannot hold
much longer.

Mary Anne Anderson belongs to the Cambria Writers Workshop and is also a member of Maui Live Poets Society. Her poems have been published in Monterey Bay’s Plentitude of Poets collection. Her poem “Ocean Walk” won first prize at the Marina Arts Festival, and her first chapbook, The Road Home – a collection of poems and photographs – was published in 2004. Her second chapbook, Dreamscapes, followed. Her new book of poems, Before the After: Love, Loss and Revolution in the Time of COVID, was released by Keyes Canyon Press in January 2021 and can be found at:

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