The Poetic Rantings of Lunatics

By Jackie Carroll

This poem won first place in the Jack Kerouac Poetry Prize contest in Davis, CA.

And, oh. Oh. Oh!  The Poetic Rantings of Lunatics
Written down by toothless vagrants   (the dirty poets)
On the backs of cardboard boxes
With black permanent marker
Written down by small children and their teachers
On grocery store paper bag parchment
With crayons of red and yellow
Written down by Norteños and Sureños
On train cars and truck trailers
With multi colored cans of spray paint
Written down by atheist, anarchist artists
On sidewalks and alley walls,
With hopscotch chalk of pastel green and blue
Written down by disinterested hipsters
On the op-ed pages of cutting-edge magazines
With HP inkjet printer
Written down by pasty-skinned speed freaks
On every blog and Facebook page in the entirety of the universe
With the ones and zeros of DOS and Java box
And, oh. Oh. Oh! The fashionings of the poetic literati. 
(Of which I am a member in good standing)
Oh the desperate attempt to reach out
Into a blue-blooded, cold-assed universe
In hopes of connecting with another lonely lunatic poet
A fellow warm blooded living breathing scribbling soul.  
The lunacy of the endeavor is obvious, right? Right?!!!
Yet the lunatic scribbles on in silence, and seeming stillness
But lunacy, you see, is not a singular affliction
Not a trial or tribulation spent in isolation
And it most certainly is not a symbolization of solitude 
Yet the scribe scribbles down the poem they believe no one will ever read
Scribbling down a poem only a lunatic could understand
A poem conceived in a world chock-full of lunatic poets
Billions and billions of lunatic poets totally oblivious of one another
All of them trying to connect 
Through the poetic rantings of lunatics

Jackie Carroll is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, songwriter, stage actor, singer, and truck driver. He studied playwriting with Edward Albee and has had multiple plays produced. His screenplay, One Shot Thirty, was optioned for production. His first book of poetry, Kubaba, was published in Spring of 2019 by a+bend press, and he won first place in the Jack Kerouac Poetry Prize contest in Davis, CA. His next two books of poems, Lucky Pen and 1100 Feet per Second, are both due out in 2021 from a+bend press, as is a chapbook, Cancer.

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