The Meditation of Words

By Bhavya Prabhakar

It’s the meditation of words where every word connects me to the past and the present as if I am the protagonist of the story providing opportunities 

for the creator; the feeling of contentment comes as a spring season, my words become the peacock with feathers of ink, the assembled words in my 

stanza seem to dance to the tunes of my meditation, the process from which I create imaginary figures between the lines of the pages where every ounce of 

feeling is happy to be a part of the piece I created; the day when I am not creative my feelings are like an ocean without water, the quest for a 

reliable companion generates a life of solitude inside me, how hollow the self is from within; though some of the perks are important, yet, unnecessary at times,

it’s the meditation of words where every word connects me to the past and the present as if writing a story is like giving wings to one’s imagination and this 

imagination connects me to the entire universe, which is as dense as our inquisitive mind, keen to learn and to meditate through words.

Bio-Bhavya Prabhakar is a visiting lecturer by profession hailing from India. She teaches French language in India at reputed universities: Amity University and Delhi University. She has obtained a Master’s Degree in French Literature, which has provided her many opportunities. She got Charpak scholarship from French Embassy to do one semester in France. She studied at Paul-Valery University, Montpellier Master2 in Francophone literature. She writes mainly poems and for Poet’s Corner. Some of her poems have been published in Indian Periodical, Spillwords Press (New York), Free Verse Revolution, The Writers and Readers’ Magazine and Muse India. Additionally, her poetry is published in two anthologies. She is an aspiring writer, trying to reach larger audience.

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