By Lindsee Scott

There will never be enough room in her 
to house all the thoughts that exist within the realm of her mind.
Where should they go?
She sits
in her space
and wonders:

Do I build a house around them?
A space with plenty of sunlight and water to nourish them when they are born
with chairs to sit and watch them grow? 
There should be different rooms, she thinks, 
full of soft things to cushion the blows upon their return home,
after she let them run wild with no guidance for too long.

They were gone for too long. 
She has an idea, to leave these walls 
and go where there is more space.
She wanders. Passing by different Thoughts, Ideas, and Dreams.
There is no going back inside to seek shelter, 
there won’t be enough room amongst the other ideas, 
all born from different people.
Instead she sits on the edge of the ragged cliff side, 
watching her thoughts churn like the waters below.
Sometimes she must move with urgency, 
trying desperately to escape these things that move 
violently inside of her.
sometimes she gets to float about, moving with no sense at all. 
Her thoughts are her company.  
She enjoys spending time with them.
They make her laugh.  
They make her dream.
They come to her, like sunlight filtering through trees. 
She isn’t scared of them when they come to her this way, 
like all the best parts of a spring day.

Lindsee Scott resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she lives with her partner Jon and 5 month old son Harrison. She teaches dance, is currently in school pursuing an English degree, and is involved with the Tulsa theatre community. Lindsee believes in the power of writing as way to reveal the innermost secrets of our identity while also helping us to understand how different identities interact with the world. She hopes to one day teach English on a High School or college level while still writing poetry in her free time.

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