By Chad Short

My son says, he tells me
he’s got too many vices,
he can only give them up
one at a time, I said
that’s fine, that’s fine,
just save one to pass down
to your children, so you
have something to talk about. 

Give up those smigarettes
when you’re ready, I guess,
and those cigarettes and 
smoking too, and the drinking!
None of it’s good for you. 
All I’m saying is 
do all you can 
to better you, okay?

Look, I told him, that 
woman Kathy is 52 with
stage four lung cancer,
so uh, trust me when I say
I’m concerned for your
health, take care of 
yourself, like Nan always says. 

I’ll have a beer once in 
a blue moon, with blue crabs 
or something, and I savor it, 
ya know? Do you not do that?  

You’re gonna wanna fix 
these things now, I said, 
so you don’t get stuck. 

All I’m saying is  
do all you can. 

After recently moving to Washington State from Baltimore MD, Chad Short is an actor, playwright, poet, and musician set on making his artistic pursuits palatable on the West Coast. He earned a BFA degree in Acting from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2017), and found his first professional acting job with Island Stage Left on San Juan Island in the summer of 2021. Previous published works include Co-Dependent (One Foot), Two Lips (Click) and Timber with The Showbear Family Circus and A Void All My Own with Too Well Away’s Literary Journal (Volume 1 Issue 2).

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