Seeking Refuge

By Ndaba Sibanda

This piece has been published in a number of journals including Piker Press, Scarlet Leaflet and CEarts. 

I love the sky. How magic it is to marvel at that celestial dome as it towers above the Earth. I begin to visualize daylight and the delight of sightseeing birds and insects as they fly in their sky; I bask in the cordiality and cuddle of the sun and wander away in a trance into the wonder of the clouds, lightning and rainbows before arriving at the constellations; I then go clubbing with the night and its stars and the moon (though the stars hog the limelight!); finally, I decide to hang out with precious Precipitation’s dear family and friends, I mean lovely and lively chaps like Rain, Hail, Drizzle, Sleet and Snow. What fun! No company beats their watery warmth, harmonies and hospitality, I swear!

I love the wilderness in the form of wild animals, forests, vegetation, rocks, rivers and beaches. These amazingly beautiful things go about their business despite human intervention. Bravo!

People, the preservation of the universe—which is the natural, physical, or material world—is essentially the preservation of life, and this cause is close to my heart.

Sibanda is the author of Notes, Themes, Things And Other Things; The Gushungo Way; Sleeping Rivers; Love O’clock; The Dead Must Be Sobbing; Football of Fools; Cutting-edge Cache; Of the Saliva and the Tongue; When Inspiration Sings In Silence; The Way Forward; The Ndaba and Jamela Collections, and Poetry Pharmacy. Sibanda’s work has received Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominations. Some of his work has been translated into Serbian and his books can be found at

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