Seahorse Passion

By Glenn Marchand

rewound in a curse surefire love across beaches. salty waters seahorses more a soul tortured by flame. sweeter summer taboo amore if to measure intensity; a dying frustration is a living heart as torn swimming through gravel. a mosquito bite, a symbol so bitten by fragrance. so many achy caimans, seduction deadly like malaria at some pentacle with clocks. a small tarantula a jararaca threat if but losing close into his ghost. surrendering waves too much to live as love is unreal. to do anything to dwell in portals much a syrupy picture. so confused so battled if to love eternal—as verboten pains assaulted by innocence if a little house on its prairie. so medicinal so uncouth as adoring is made sickness; our coming our going our arrival our departure every four seconds. like dragging monsters as precious teddy bears so electric as we hush volume. beautiful contradiction. much writhing serenity. like pure addicts—into a darkened moon into seashores as seaweeds bear witness. deep flame into darkness deeper kisses will whisper hushed contagion into brighter wilderness; much running like galloping, if but some kingdom. as piranhas in life, as blackness made screams, upon a storm tiptoeing delights. 

	sand in castles sandcastles in thoughts just too good for penalties. a righty chitzsu a glory in pains as it unveils sweet beauty it cries. a pit of dugites souls passing much venom as treasured assurance. so mean at moments with ships sailing much a port for love. a lover as an ache a phone in his gut an answering machine in her mind.

	sweet taboo. pages with one name. bandages made for souls.
	aesthetic feng shui like refurnished agendas, to need like vaccines to culture for recluses. too much fire an ashy forest much a nearby coppice. to love forever to die one last sun, aflame at gates.    

Glenn Marchand is an aspiring writer. Marchand is in the MFA Creative Writing program at Mount Saint Mary’s University. Marchand has a thriving blog, but hasn’t, as of yet, entered into the world of mainstream publishing. Marchand has other degrees, a passionate nature for composing, and a prolific inclination to write daily. Marchand was a Manager for Walgreens in Hawthorne, California. After saving a capacious sum, Marchand decided to chase his dream to become a well renowned writer. During these COVID times, Marchand has taking time to amass a number of poems, short stories, and a novella.

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