By Bianca Marie Nery

At times I am left to wonder
about the lines drawn by Fate;
if, somehow, there was another
that could have borne a greater weight.

Maybe some stars shined too bright
that I was blinded by their glare.
If, by chance, I found another light,
perhaps I would have dared

To redirect the course of ships
that take me where I need to go,
a final promise upon my lips
to adversaries who scorn me so.

If, from the start, I had been this wise,
I would have gone a different way.
Only now have I come to realize
the part of me I've kept at bay.

Bianca Marie Nery is a 23-year-old writer and poet from the Philippines. She first started writing at the age of thirteen as a campus journalist. She has since been posting her poems on Instagram and on her blog La Luna. Her first book, Letters From Quarantine, written under the name B.M. Nery, has been published by Ukiyoto Publishing. She currently lives in Manila with her family and two dogs.

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