A Persevering Household by Mosi Wells

Unendingly Picturesque by Pawel Markiewicz

What Can the Little Lassie Do? by Peniel Gifted

November by Patricia Walsh

Taken for Granted by Tali Cohen Shabtai

Wake on Sunday by Allan Lake

Like Grains of Sand by Mark Fleisher

Jenna Moves South by John Grey

Us by Deeksha Raina

Evacuate! by Caitlin Lepp

My Beloved by Tom Davison

A Void All My Own by Chad Short

Listen by Michelle Eccellente Stevenson

Realization by Bianca Marie Nery

Painting Peace by Deepika Singh

The Meditation of Words by Bhavya Prabhakar

A Hiatus by Emmanuel Ikuoye

The Cornfield by Kassie Lamro

Sweet Molly Malone by Rie Sheridan Rose

Power Nap by Gerard Sarnat

October Sunset by M.A. Ramachandran

Vulnerably Confident by Ellen Scherer

Miraculous Note by Stuti Saxena Singh

I Wept by Saskia Griffith

Undiagnosed and Underwater by Apollo Cross

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