Pandemic, on the Rocks by Juliette Bretan

The Vortex by Mary Anne Anderson

First Lesson by Guna Moran

Windows in Heaven by Cathy Conway

City Sidewalk Christmas Eve 2020 by Mark Blickley

Tonight We Walk Through Walls by Jeanne Ellin

A Candle for Kate by Mark Fleisher

Closed Deals by Maed Rill Monte

Threading a Needle by M.A. Ramachandran

My Friend’s River Beauty by Ndaba Sibanda

In the Ballpark by Peniel Gifted

Dehumanized by Hrishika Muthukrishnan

The Poetic Rantings of Lunatics by Jackie Carroll

Space. by Lindsee Scott

Flesh Eating Princess by Patricia Walsh

I Am Alive by Tunde Dike

Royalty by Dee Allen.

Venom by Michelle Eccellente Stevenson

When I Was New by Joan McNerney

Traffic Controller by Stefani Boutelier

Equality by Mary Eugene Flores

2009 Good Gas Mileage Will Trade for Food by Bry White

I’ve Got Nothing by Ellen Scherer

Boy Transforms Barrier by Neal Crook

My Mother’s Hands by Stuti Saxena Singh

Life is Beautiful Yet Unpredictable by Saskia Griffith

Talking to Papa by George Stamps

The New Moon by Bhavya Prabhakar

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