Chappaquiddick Pit Stop by Christy Burbidge

Astral by Kevin Adam Flores Barbosa

Johnny, Me and Istanbul by Lourda Delaney

The Hoverer by Ken Goodman aka yours truly the happy recluse

Gulf Coast by John Grey

You by Sequoya Henry

Tessellate by Allison Janiki

Flying Over the Mediterranean, I See Stars in Abundance Jason Kerzinski

Seahorse Passion Glenn Marchand

Tense by Andy Oram

The Reason We Winter by Emalisa Rose

Mended Heart by Rie Sheridan Rose

My Soul by Gerard Sarnat

You, Me, and the Wildflowers by Ellen Scherer

Smigarettes by Chad Short

20 October by John Spiegel

Treaty Park by Travis Stephens

Lamentation on Rain by Emily Strauss

postpandemicphoenix by Wilson R.M. Taylor

No Name by Tawanna Tidwell aka Tia.Rose

Poverty’s Laughter by Jason Ziemniak

Love is Lovelier Than Luxury by Ndaba Sibanda

Platform 13 3/4 by Stuti Saxena Singh

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