Platform 13 3/4

By Stuti Saxena Singh

With melodious chirping of birds,
Eyes encountered bright radiance of sun.
Oh! How tranquil the aura is!
My ears today felt devoid of vexatious hiss.
Tring Tring Tring. Open up the door,
Felt like someone calling me, from farther shore.
Moving towards the turnstile,
I found a golden envelope lying there.
Astonishing was the plight,
Found no one as far as my eyes drive.
Holding the beatific auric hued envelope with uncharted vacillation,
I moved my step inside with puzzled agitation.
Abrupt was the euphonic visitation,
I thought, parked for some area consultation.
With black shimmery glasses plated, arrived the pearly lustrous car,
The audio message: "Be seated,” like a stern verdict from a czar.
But the voice is so pleasing and promising,
Holding the envelope, I was seated.
Thinking mid unknown tour,
Never seen a car without a driver.
Roads were unknown, our speed unbeatable, accident was my only fear.
Then a door opens up near a railroad, all unknown faces standing in queue, I was the next viator.
Distinct was the ambiance and hue, 
Silently following the signboards without chaos, why? No Clue.
The station was bizarre!
With no signboards of exit marked. 
Amazement was intense, as money played no importance, 
Everyone held a token, waiting their turn with allegiance.
Meanwhile, I searched for essential accessories,
But found that my clothes were shimmery white with no pockets on either side.
Then the announcement to open the envelope,
"To kindly view your designated platform number."
Opening up the chromatic note
Kindly mark your presence at "13 3/4"scaffold.
Really, Thirteen - and three quarters?
Is it a prank or antic humor?
Train arriving on various stations,
People entering, without asking questions.
But I was intensely worried and
clutched with perplexion,
How can I travel to an unknown destination, without prior notification?
In the midst of anxiety and agitation, 
I heard a known voice, filled with gaiety and exhilaration. 
I was embraced with soothing wave of love & affection,
Dragging me out from the ocean of perplexion.
Hey, dear please don't you worry, 
Clasp my hands and let's travel to the supreme clergy.
Time did separate us, but how can the fate play,
We will always be together till empyrean stay.
Hold my hand, dear husband, let's travel to a new world,
World full of euphoria and glee,
Where there is no space for melancholy.
World full of serenic view,
Where divinity decided to reside me forever with you!

Stuti Saxena Singh started her career as a poetess and writer from May 2020. She is the author of माँ”, Ek Kavya Sanghra, available as paperback and e-book via Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Flipkart. She has been featured in numerous anthologies, and her poems, article, short stories have been published in various national & international journals, newspapers and magazines. She recently was awarded with a Wordsmith Award by the Asian Literary Society, an Editorial Choice Award at Nazmehayat, and a Writing Star by Face Of India, Tarangini, Mumbai.

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