October Sunset

By M.A. Ramachandran

This poem first appeared in Lion and Lilac Arts Magazine.

east window-
how many moons
in the courtyard?
October sunset-
how many sunsets
in me, father?
how long have you been
here in the air, father?
who is murmuring it
tonight in my ears, father?
over the eastern hill
full moon tonight-
where could you go
in an evening like this
my father? - nowhere
yes, nowhere but here
who has been murmuring
something in the dark?
perhaps the wind
yes, perhaps the wind
over the still water
full moon in October
whose shadows are meeting
there in our old lane-
where you trod long
where once I trod,
perhaps no one, father
perhaps no one-

M.A. Ramachandran is a poet currently based in Kozhikode. He writes under his pseudonym Tekisui RC as well. Ramachandran’s poems have appeared in various journals and anthologies. Apart from poetry he is interested in farming, travelling and in the works of master filmmakers. He finds a little money for living by occasional teaching.

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