No Name

By Tawanna Tidwell aka Tia.Rose

This space
Is nameless
Yet to be called out in a crowd
Only felt in periods of silence
And solitude
Intermittently broken
By bouts of tears
That accompany
An erratic heartbeat
And a clenched throat
It can be described as numbness
All the elements
Of your body tensing up
In what feels like
A pre-shut down stage
And what triggered it you ask?
Your body received word of this strike
From your mind
Replaying the phrases
Confirming this unrequited love
That created the sound waves
That were picked up by your ears
And translated by neurons
Dispatched by your brain
To transport you to this space
It meant to tell you how to feel
But it gave up mid-sentence
Leaving you to determine
The sense of this experience
On your own
It feels a lot like heartbreak
But it has no real name

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Tawanna began writing at a young age. As an introvert, she found this form of expression to be a breath of fresh air. Written under her pseudonym, Tia.Rose, her debut poetry book is scheduled to be released in Fall of 2021.

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