My Soul

By Gerard Sarnat

Emotional nudity’s naked 
reality strips me 
of shame, repression, pretense
to dive deep with you.

Gerard Sarnat MD has won San Francisco Poetry’s 2020 Contest, Poetry in Arts First Place Award/Dorfman Prizes and has been nominated for Pushcarts and Best of Net Awards; authored HOMELESS CHRONICLES, Disputes, 17s, Melting Ice King. He has been widely published, including by academic-related journals Stanford, Oberlin, Wesleyan, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Pomona, Brown, Penn, Dartmouth, Columbia, and University Chicago. His works have also appeared in Newark Public Library, Ulster, Gargoyle, Main Street Rag, Northampton Review, New Haven Poetry Institute, American Journal Poetry, Vonnegut Journal, 2020 International-Human-Rights-Art-Festival, Poetry Quarterly, and others.

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