My Mother’s Hands

By Stuti Saxena Singh

The day my life came into existence,
Her life brimmed with luminescence.
My mother's hands held me up high,
Her ecstasy was ultrahigh.
She kissed my forehead and cried with immense joy,
Her hands always embraced me with love & care like I was her 
favourite toy.
Holding my little fingers, firmly, she made me walk,
Bucking me up with enthusiasm, she made me talk,(Of course, I am sure  'माँ', My Universe, My Mother
primarily, was the one talking.)My mother's hands nurtured me
with great motivational and spiritual talks,Her supporting hands, like a stoic cliff for me
to face all odds.
Her hands were my true companion to daringly defy tussles,
She cradled my spirits high to 
fight against ill health hassles.
Her hands wore magical treasures.
Sprinkled with love, the dishes her hands made 
were mouthwatering and brought immense pleasure.
Her presence was so profoundly divine,Each day pretending to have festivities aligned.
Her seraphic persona, fills up my aura
with immense happiness,
She is and will always be my lucky charm
Bringing prosperity and success.
Infelicitous fortune wore catastrophic
Abrupt quietus of Your's
drove me to the 
lamenting stage.
Though the stiff got scorched, her aura will remain unperished.
She, the true gem, will always be cherished.
Assiduous, Conscientious,
Meticulous, Charismatic,
Dynamic, Empathetic
  Celestically Beatific. 
Her soul never aged.
My wish of holding her
wrinkled, quivering, fragile
will always remain.

Stuti Saxena Singh, started her career as a poetess and writer from May 2020. She is the Author of माँ”, Ek Kavya Sanghra, available as paperback and e-book via Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Flipkart. She has been featured in numerous anthologies, and her poems, article, short stories have been published in various national & international journals, newspapers and magazines. She recently was awarded with a Wordsmith Award by the Asian Literary Society, an Editorial Choice Award at Nazmehayat, and a Writing Star by Face Of India, Tarangini, Mumbai.

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