My Friend’s River Beauty

By Ndaba Sibanda

This poem was previously published in Ponder Savant and Dispatches from Quarantine.

why they live in water
it’s a mystery, in a river

they possibly tuck into it--
seaweed--and swim ashore

they diet on fish, crabs, 
clams, shrimp, oysters, lobsters.

my dear friend fell in love 
with one of them, his beauty!

a faraway river is their rendezvous. 
he confesses she’s romantic and fun!

though these days the two lovebirds 
barely hang out, owing to self-distancing! 

Sibanda is the author of Notes, Themes, Things And Other Things; The Gushungo Way; Sleeping Rivers; Love O’clock; The Dead Must Be Sobbing; Football of Fools; Cutting-edge Cache; Of the Saliva and the Tongue; When Inspiration Sings In Silence; The Way Forward; The Ndaba and Jamela Collections, and Poetry Pharmacy. Sibanda’s work has received Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominations. Some of his work has been translated into Serbian and his books can be found at

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