Miraculous Note

By Stuti Saxena Singh

Yesterday, sitting on the corner of my bed, 
I felt lonely and really very sad. 
Although birthday blessings did abound, 
I rather missed your being around. 
I remember those days, when at 12AM my phone would ring,
Alerting me to your blessings when I’d hear the tring tring. 
Today, I miss your surprise preparation,
Of decorating every nook and corner in celebration. 
You made my birthdays special in varied ways:
throwing lavish parties or sending my favorites (Laddus, Pista Barfis, Carrot Puddings) when I was away.
Today I kept hoping for my phone to ring,
My ears waiting for the special song you’d sing.
But throughout the day I experienced an unknown silence,
As if my soul was plunged into an ocean of unending reticence.
If asked about a gift, "Message from Mom" would be my choice.
But my phone does not beep; I do not hear your affectionate voice.
With this roller coaster ride of feelings,
Tears shed from my eyes, like erratic moisture on a ceiling. 
Bitter is this verity, the fact that you could not stay.
But still I believe - 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'
Seems like a deity accepted my prayer,
By miraculous note, a prized Souvenir.
My poem "My Mother’s Hands," published, swept aside my dismay.
Maa showed her seraphic presence on my special day.

Stuti Saxena Singh started her career as a poetess and writer from May 2020. She is the author of माँ”, Ek Kavya Sanghra, available as paperback and e-book via Amazon Kindle, Google Books, Flipkart. She has been featured in numerous anthologies, and her poems, article, short stories have been published in various national & international journals, newspapers and magazines. She recently was awarded with a Wordsmith Award by the Asian Literary Society, an Editorial Choice Award at Nazmehayat, and a Writing Star by Face Of India, Tarangini, Mumbai.

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