By Michelle Eccellente Stevenson

Listen to the rhythm of your heart 
as it tells you who you are.

Listen to what your child is saying, 
then search for what they 
mean behind their words.

Listen to the checkout girl when she 
compliments your earrings.

Listen to your mother because 
you are of her flesh and because her 
essence embraces your soul. 

Listen to the music that makes you 
dance as you soak in each note.

Listen to what makes sense.
Listen to what doesn’t make sense.
Listen to make more sense of it all.

Listen because you can learn.
Listen because you want to learn.
Listen to teach others how 
to listen.

Listen when it is quiet and the 
world is speaking to you,
begging you, 
begging you to listen.

Michelle Eccellente Stevenson is a mom, wife, abstract artist, writer, TEDx Speaker, and Founder of Cultivate Caring.  Michelle’s Bachelor of Arts degree, with a dual major in Political Science and Sociology, gave her a peek into the window of how connected we all are.  The bulk of Michelle’s career was spent in the training and development sector, working for major corporations as an educator. She now spends her time trying to make sense of the world through art and writing.  Color and mood define her visual art pieces and themes of humanity bind Michelle’s literary works.  A contributor to numerous art exhibits and literary publications, Michelle can be followed on social media @MESStudioArt.  Her TEDx Talk ‘How Caring Connects Us’ is on YouTube and she invites you to join her on social media @CultivateCaring to discover how you can care more about yourself, others, and the world.

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