Life is Beautiful Yet Unpredictable

By Saskia Griffith

I had no idea I would’ve lost you so soon,
snatched away, senselessly, from those who loved you dearly.
I knew few things about you:
You loved your job, for you placed your all into it.
Your voice I can still hear deep in my head,
as well as that infectious laughter of yours
that filled our workplace conversations.
Now you are laughing in paradise.
I find myself consuming one of your favourite desserts,
my mother’s fudge, 
shared with you throughout our years of studying.
What rubbed off on you, 
has again rubbed off on me.
I know you had lots of plans for yourself and dreams of who
your sweet little boy,
would become.
Life is beautiful yet unpredictable.
You knew that when you had to leave him once;
I know that myself now that you are gone.

Saskia Griffith is a 26-year-old budding poet living Guyana. Writing has been her passion since the day she wrote her first poem at age 18 for a contest in which she won a box of plantain chips. She then decided to enter another one, “Needle in the Hay” based in Australia and was short listed in the top 10. In 2017 Griffith entered an international songwriting contest and made it to the semi finals, and in the same year she won the best love quote for the realistic poetry contest. She has since continued to to enter songwriting contests. Her dream is to live her passion every day and turn it into a career.

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