I Wept

By Saskia Griffith

I wept for the young boys
like they were my little brothers,
but I know their mothers wept more than I did.
My heart aches for them,
but I know their mothers’ ached more.
I felt as though a glass stabbed me into the chest 
when I saw the excessive marks of violence 
that penetrated their young bodies.
I wept for my country,
for I know not how much more blood we will have to endure
or how many crimes, mysteries unsolved, 
we will have to witness against our young black brothers.
I wept 
and I wept.

Saskia Griffith is a 26-year-old budding poet living Guyana. Writing has been her passion since the day she wrote her first poem at age 18 for a contest in which she won a box of plantain chips. She then decided to enter another one, “Needle in the Hay,” based in Australia and was short listed in the top 10. In 2017 Griffith entered an international songwriting contest and made it to the semi finals, and in the same year she won the best love quote for the realistic poetry contest. She has since continued to to enter songwriting contests. Her dream is to live her passion every day and turn it into a career.

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