I Am Alive

By Tunde Dike

Society says "Lose your mind and die to be free"
The god in me says "knowledge is not free, but pay attention"
Know the price for living if truly we are dying to live 
Do it because you are alive
Yes, I am alive 
My life I have 
Born as an African 
I know I can like Nas
From the street corner with the badge of honour
Gloominess becomes a monument of progress 
Autographed by kingmaker and they all kissed the black ring 
Night sky is a poet of lightness 
The black season of men in greatness 
'Pac told me about the rose that grew from concrete 
So strong 
Hold on
Stand tall and say
I can, I will, I must because I am alive 
Like the portrait of revolution "Lift your fist"
Patrice Lumumba rest in peace
Let's move like movement 
You are the element
We are the future
You better get the picture 
Respect nature and reflect culture
Owl knows the language of silence more like making wisdom your gatekeeper
As you defeat your enemy by the power of love 
Just like the heart of Martin Luther the king
Knowledge is king
Revolutionaries, poets 
the art of lyricism and of
giving children wings:
Flap them 
Fly so high and kiss the blue sky.

Tunde Dike Aka Thickcode is a spoken word artiste, conceptual artist, and writer based in Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria. Facebook: Thickcode; Twitter:Thickcode5

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