By Caitlin Lepp

is a hurricane
the cracked Texas soil 
was not ready for ā€”
this overwhelming
flooding spilling 
over, leaking into 
houses through 
their cracked 
Waves decimating the most 
delicate wildflowers, 
overcoming the
sea-walls and seeping into 
broken hearts. 
Lovers dumping buckets
of water out of
cars, homes, and minds.
Wind sirens whirling,
Get to safety.
Love is a hurricane.
It is not safe here, Houston. 

Caitlin Lepp is an English Teacher currently living in Houston, TX.  She is from the small Texas Panhandle town of Shamrock and attended Salem College in North Carolina. She enjoys writing and reading poetry with her students and believes writing is a powerful form of self-expression and self-care. 

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