By Mary Eugene Flores

Living a life in a place called earth,
I opened my eyes and saw lights transcend to dirt.
I said to mama "what's going on?”
When the great story of equality was gone.
Even in the streets,
When the only white is your teeth.
They never treat you good
In your simple act, you're always misunderstood.
In conversation with our growing society, 
Such emphasis on being pretty
Then I ask "where is equality"?
I hate this kind of degrading mentality.
When you are a criminal,
They judge you as an animal
But why not try to read the previous page,
And learn just how a monster was made.
And when you got enough money,
Doesn't mean you won’t be lonely.
Money isn't your life,
And you can't exchange that to have me as your wife.
Love, freedom, trust
Where are they?
I've been looking for them since last May,
Where is equality?
No! I’m not asking for your pity.
Religion can be such a big deal,
Don’t judge them if they don't eat your meal.
Let us allow  hope and respect--truth-- to reign.
Equality? That’s the name of the game. 

Mary Eugene Flores is a full time analyst in a BPO company in the Philippines. As a poet, she has been part of various poetry anthologies such as Poetry Planet and Timeless Pieces Of Scribbles.

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