A Void All My Own

By Chad Short

Does your heart belong to me? 
(Not to act so possessively!) 
But I can’t stop wondering: are we nearing our end? 

Does your heart belong to me? 
(Not to act so insecurely!)
But I can’t go on without knowing! 
Will you hold on to me, or are you losing your grip? 

What if, god forbid, the love’s all gone? 
(Please, tell me truthfully!)
If your heart’s not mine, what do I do with my own? 
Stow it, at last, in my cardboard box of embarrassment?
(With every other piece of me I’ve shed?)
Pin it on the wall next to our movie-ticket stubs?
(Watch it fade in the afternoon sun like surgery scars?)
Drink until I trip up the stairs with it in my hands? 
(That’s when I know I’ve had enough.) 
There it goes with a flop, drop, splat at the foot. 
Why should I pick up the filthy, tired thing?

And then what do I do with this vacant space in my chest?
Have my veins shovel in your abrupt forgetfulness? 
Let some stranger marvel at the fact I’m alive? 

Or do I hide inside the void you left behind?  

Chad Short (he/his) is a Baltimore based actor, playwright, poet, and musician. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Acting from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (2017), and is a co-founder of The Hallucination Project, a devised theatre ensemble. Playwriting credits include Don’t Come In (Charm City Fringe Festival), Squidsbury (Interrobang Theatre), Little Birds (Rapid Lemon Productions), and I Dug It Myself (Out of Ink Productions). His music can be found under the name “Biig Red Couch,” streaming on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp. This is his first published poem to go to print.

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