A Persevering Household

By Mosi Wells

Paradoxical phenomenon that you are, your beauty lies in the axis of your soul
my verses living proof of steps that elevate you deeper:

Fully clothed with no make-up, an opportunity for excellence 
an early morning you could pull me into

Ripened to perfection with every bite juices flowing sweetly into my taste buds
savoring the flavor one time only

Your immaculate love handles, sensual fishbowls
compassionate and inclusive as possible

Basking in your bullying as I puddle-jump through stagnant midday Pick Three and Cash Five my power ball when all other figures fail

Acknowledging all my contributions and benefits we stand firm upon
simplifying interactions, rewards, and insights

Cooling down the same way we warmed-up!

Mosi Wells works through a day laborer service when work is available. When he is not working he writes and reads poetry to keep his mind from being idle. He writes on subjects that are personal, political, romantic, emotional, heartbreaking, and controversial. He has been writing since 2005, but only got into poetry heavily in April of 2020.

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