20 October

By John Spiegel

Your birthday being so close to 
our daughter’s makes
giving gifts difficult. 

What hobbies do you have now
that our lives orbit a new

Venus doesn’t wonder about
Her free time, though we might wonder
why Venus has no moons. 

My love, I can’t help 
but think how dense 
our solar system is becoming— 

how planets are just moons 
to a greater star, and how am I to fit 
a moon in a bag or words.

John Spiegel is an English and Creative Writing teacher in Springfield, Ohio. He plays loud rock music in his mini-van. He is a slow reader and prefers walking barefoot. His poetry, nonfiction, and reviews can be read in Garbanzo, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Milk & Cake Press, Fence Digital, and others.

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